Retreat in Rockland County

Retreat to the natural and spiritual elegance of Marydell Faith and Life Center. Located in a quiet, untouched landscape in Upper Nyack at the base of Hook Mountain and abutting Nyack Beach State Park, Marydell’s nearly 10 acre site has facilities for year-round events that connect guests and nature.

Ground Yourself

Marydell’s natural beauty touches all who visit. Marydell offers the space to connect with yourself and others through personal and group retreats, nature programming for adults and children, recreation, and special events like our Tree of Peace and Light Ceremony or Maple Sugar Day.

Experience Marydell

Learn about food production in our gardens, monarch butterfly migration, worm life cycles, or other nature programs through hands-on instruction. Attend a summer camp, hike the trails, swim in the pool, play basketball, or enjoy a campfire. Plan a meeting or celebrate a special life event. There is so much to do.

Connect with Marydell to begin a sojourn for your soul in the Hudson Valley.
We welcome all who seek a greener, spiritual, and more peaceful world.

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