Swimming Lessons at Marydell


How to choose the level of swimming of your child.

The 5:00 pm-5:45pm lessons will be: Level I and Level III

Swimmers belong in Level 1 and are considered pre-beginners if they are hesitant to go underwater, want to stay on the step or cling to the side, have no swim strokes, will not float on front or back, BUT THEY WANT TO BE IN SWIM LESSONS AND WANT TO ENJOY THE WATER (do not resist coming to swim lessons).

What they will be taught in Level 1: Introduction to Water Skills: Swimmers learn basics of swimming: bobbing, going under water, supported front and back floating, supported rolling over from front to back and back to front, supported gliding, supported flutter kick, supported front crawl arms and jumping in.

Swimmers belong in level 2 if they will come into the pool and submerge under water, can blow bubbles and hold their breath for 2-3 seconds with face in water; attempt to paddle around, float on front and back with help; jump up and down with feet coming off bottom, attempt to swim underwater and WANT TO LEARN HOW TO SWIM (do not resist coming to swim lessons)

What they will be taught in Level 2: Fundamentals of Aquatic Skills: Swimmers will work on: independent front and back floating, independent rolling over from front to back and back to front, independent front and back glides, front crawl arms and kicks, back crawl arms and kicks, retrieving underwater objects, and jumping into water over their head.

The 6:00pm-6:45pm lessons will be: Level II and Level IV

Swimmers belong in level 3 if they can perform all the level 2 skills as stated above and can swim about 30 feet on front, perform backstroke for short distances; can rollover from front to back in deep end and float, can swim underwater for several feet and pick up a ring from bottom of 3 feet; can jump in and perform treading water in water over their head.

What they will be taught in Level 3: Stroke Development: Additional guided practice will help students improve their skills. Swimmers will work on gliding, freestyle with side breathing, backstroke, breaststroke and dolphin kicks, retrieving objects in deeper water, treading water, jumping into deep water.

Swimmers belong in level 4 if they can swim the freestyle (front crawl) and backstroke for 25 yards each and perform all skills of level 3 as stated above.

What they will learn in Level 4: Stroke Improvement: Kids will gain confidence during swim lessons, improve their stroke and gain additional aquatic skills. Swimmers will work on rotary breathing, freestyle, backstroke, elementary backstroke, scissors kick and sidestroke, whip kick and breaststroke, intro to turning at wall, treading water with modified scissors.

Swimming Lessons Registration Form

MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY

General Permission

I hereby release the Executive Directors and all employees of Marydell Faith & Life Center from all claims of liability for any damages or injuries that may be sustained while my child is in the Marydell Faith & Life Center Program.

MM slash DD slash YYYY

Photo/Video Release

During our programs we may take photos/videos or be photographed by the press or television. I hereby give permission for my child(ren)’s image to be used in connection with publicity, educational materials, or publications related to Marydell Faith & Life Center. I give permission for my child(ren)’s image to be used as stated above.

MM slash DD slash YYYY

Refund Policy

Withdrawal from the program prior to start of classes will be refunded in full. From that point, withdrawal after two classes, will be refunded minus 25% of total program fee for administrative costs. No refund, for any reason, will be issued after three classes. I understand and agree to abide by these terms.

MM slash DD slash YYYY


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